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Sunday, August 13, 2006

OY4 - Mid winter shambles

So a bit of a flat showdown after a few months of separation. With Bryn and Ross off to Aussie in a week, was probably time to get in some more practise after a quiet local winter of orienteering. Ross had just got off the plane from Europe after his WOC campaign in Denmark, Andrew had probably had one too many coffees and Bryn couldn't decide which running top to wear.

The first few control darted into the darker forest and hence showed up some dodgy route choices to the 2nd control. Everyone started to get it together on the way to the 4th and 5th control with some open forest and the first chance to stretch the legs and plan ahead.

By the 8th control Bryn has a solid 4min lead over Ross who had lost about 90 seconds at both control 2 and 7. Andrew had lost time at the second control after struggling to relocated but was ahead of Ross on cumulative time.

Bryn got a little too excited after his good start and ran out of the 8th control slightly off angle and ended up running through the intersection and off the map. After some interesting relocation Bryn regained the edge of the map and evenuatually the 10th control.

On the long leg to the 10th control each of us took different route choices, both Andrew and Ross were dragged to the left hand side and onto the large system of hills, whilst Bryn used the vegetation boundary as a easy handrail. Ross took a little longer to correct his route before heading into the control located on a linear system of hills.

After short legs to the 13th and 14th controls the next leg sloped diagonally against the pattern of ridges. This was perhaps the most interesting leg of the race. All three of us took slightly different routes trying to minimise the climb whilst trying to find the attack point of the hill and saddle 100 metres before the control. Bryn continued to lose time at 15th and 16th controls after becoming confused at the edge of the control circle.

Bryn finally gained the lead again at the 22nd control after increasing his running speed on the longer sections of running before the course angeled back to the finish.

Rough results - Course One - 10.47km

1st Bill Edwards 69min
2nd Bryn 71min
3rd Ross 73min
4th Andrew 73min


  • You Guys suck.....:( didnt ask me for my routes etc....im disappointed
    Im NEVER speaking to you again

    By Blogger Amber, at 10:22 PM  

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